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On Friday 1st December, at first we were very anxious and worried about what other people will think of us. During the matches the competitors began cheering and showing encouragement for their team and so did our team (team 3 gold). We did events such as speed bounce, standing long jump, turbo javelin, obstacle race and triple jump. In the athletics club we had to train hard to make sure that we did the best we could in the tournament at Featherstone High School. Only 3 boys and 6 girls went and in the end it wasn’t just about winning, it was about playing in the game or competing against others and having fun. Which is what we did.

Team: Diya, Malaika, Amrita, Garren, Izn, Shajeed, Soad, Subhpreet, Shanika, Vithusan, Nowrishair, Ria

By Diya, Year 6

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