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On Thursday, we went to Featherstone High School to participate in a Basketball Tournament. We played approximately 7 schools and we did very well.

Our first match was against North A. It was a very tactical game where both teams used unique strategies. At the end North Primary School secured a 4-1 victory in which Mohammed scored an amazing hoop.

Our second match was against Fielding A who got the better of us and won 5-0. They had great players including a very tall girl who had a lot of possession of the ball. She scored 4 hoops and helped the rest of her team.

Our third match was against Southfield B who were a good team however we beat them 3-1. In which Arvind, Amrita and Mohammed A all scored a hoop. Mohammed scored a long range hoop, Amrita scored from a tight angle and Arvind dribbled into the box and scored from close range.

Our fourth match was against Blair Peach B who we drew against. They were a defensive side and their defence was like a stone wall. Whenever we were on the attack they tackled the ball of us and went on the counter attack. We had plenty of good chances and Arslan nearly scored a great hoop but he was very unlucky and was unable to score.

We had a lunchbreak which lasted for an hour and while we were eating they were handing out the fixture lists to the teachers. Then in an instant we started our first match against Berrymeade B. During this match Arvind severely injured his knee and was unable to stand. At the end we lost 2-0 however both teams were quite equally matched.

After Arvind’s disastrous injury we weren’t sure if he was going to start the next match however he was very desperate therefore he started the next match. Our last match was against Drayton Green A who we drew against. This was a very intense match with incredible moments. Firstly, Arvind scored from close range and we took the lead however out of nowhere they scored two quick goals. Just when we thought there was no hope, Tori scored an unbelievable wonder goal – pressured by the whole team she jumped and scored a shocking equaliser.

During the day, we built confidence in ourselves and gained momentum. Mr Durrani was urging us during the whole day and gave us a motivating pep talk at the beginning of the day. It was an enjoyable day and we applied the skills we learnt in basketball club and learnt lots more skills.

By Arvind  

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