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      What is an eCadet?
eCadets – are a group of children who represent the school and are ambassadors of Internet Safety.  They have achieved eSergeant & eInspector and are now working on being an eChief Inspector.   The role of an eCadet is to raise more awareness for e-safety and put in a support network for the children. Classes will have a diplomatic vote of those wanting to be an eCadet.   They are assigned tasks / activities in their weekly club and in turn teach the rest of the school and embark their knowledge regarding online safety and report back to the teachers.  The eCadet role is to help those who are not so confident when using different devices; such as laptops, PC’s, tablets and mobile phones.


Tudor Primary Students apply to be an eCadet at Tudor Primary School from Sept 2018. 

Click on the link below for an application form.  Good Luck 

E-safety is a priority 
Cyberbullying can be stopped
Always keep yourself safe online
Do not share your information
Ecadets are here to help
Tell an adult if you are worried;  
Talk about it; Report it; Stop It


eCadets have done fantastic work and passed the challenge Spring: Main activity (Mini) and have been promoted.


The eCadets next challenge for Year 5 and 6 is to register the school on GoBubble.

GoBubble (Ecadets safe secure social network built just for under 13s).



Below are a few words from our eCadets and what they enjoy about their role.

Amit Yr5

"My eCadet job is to teach our class about e-safety and how to you keep safe online"


Nikhil Yr4

"Being an eCadet you get to learn and teach at the same time."


Saaleha Yr5

"I like helping other kids, teaching lessons and experiencing what it feels like to be a teacher."

"I have learnt about digital footprints, how to identify fake news and gobubble."


Kal Yr2

"We have learnt to keep people safe online when they are playing"