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A Team Football

At the A-Team football tournament we were put in an extremely hard group. Despite that, we tried our best as a team and managed to win a few games and lose a couple. We worked together as a team and got through some difficult situations throughout the tournament. After a few games, all the teams were put into separate groups based on our performances from the previous games. After the adults announced which groups we were we then went to a different side of the Spike Bridge’s football pitch to compete against teams of a similar level. Some of my team mates told me they were scared of the other teams but I told them to keep their heads up and that’s exactly what they did. We had to wait one or two games before our one started. When our game started our two teachers (Mr Coakley and Mr Moraga) shouted for encouragement. Amazingly, our team won every single game that we played! The A-Team was extremely proud and so were our supporting teachers. We came first in our group and it was an amazing thing to achieve. After winning all the games as a team we felt over the moon. It was a great thing to accomplish and an amazing honour being chosen to represent Tudor Primary School.

Team: Izn, Umar, Ridwan, Mohammed A, Mohammed M, Arman, Haseeb, Mohammedullah, Arvind, Kethusan

By Izn, Year 6


B and C Team Football

On Friday the 15th December 2017 Tudor Primary School attended the football tournament at Berymede (Acton). 2 teams played head to head with 4 other schools in 10 games, which were hard fought. Everyone played well and deserved a big reward. Everyone enjoyed the tournament in addition to the training in the morning.

Team: Kamran, Imran, Roop, Gursharan, Shajeed, Garren, Nowrishair, Najib, Sukhman, Arslan, Tori, Maria, Ikjot, Damanpreet

By Ikjot, Year 6