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London Broncos

London Broncos help Year 6


During the Spring term, London Broncos came into the school to help Year 6 with their maths and English.  The children did work which applied what they have been learning in English and maths to real life contexts such as the daily operations of a professional rugby league team.  The lessons were very engaging and the children looked forward to their lessons every week which really helped them with their preparation for their SATs.



“I really enjoyed our sessions with Broncos.  They helped me with my grammar and were really funny.” Harmukhwinder, Copper class.

“Broncos were helpful because they helped us with thing like formal and informal language.  It was fun because we learnt about different players and rugby teams.” Lovepreet, Yellow class.

“Broncos were very helpful because they made us learn in a fun way.  We learnt a lot in literacy and numeracy and it was great to meet some famous players.” Abdur-Rahman, Yellow class.

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