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Maths and Science Fortnight!

Science and maths fortnight was full of activities to inspire and stretch the imagination. Pupils and parents were treated to a variety of experimental workshops in which they had challenges to use engineering and robotics to play football, make the most disgusting slime, creating the tallest stack towers using anything from marshmallows, sphagetti and  cereal boxes, sporting challenges ( including the teachers) which included themes such as 'going for gold' and beating personal bests. The children linked up with Villiers High school to use their science expertise to launch rockets, investigate forces and friction,make their own electro magnets and even the nursery children enjoyed their pond dipping and test tube experiments. To top it all off, we started our extremely successful ,first ever, science homework club too. Maths investigations and 'wow' science experiments meant that there was ( and still is) a lot of dscussion,fun, fizzing, popping and exploding going on!
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