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Tudor Primary School

Fasting over Ramadhan

Dear Parents,


We would like to wish a Happy Ramadhan to all our fasting community.


Whilst we understand that some of our children do wish to join in with the fasting, the very long (over 18hours ) fasts and the heat in recent years has meant that children have felt sick, faint and suffered from headaches and urine problems etc ( possibly from dehydration). We would therefore respectfully remind parents that there are Health and Safety concerns to consider for young children whilst they are at school.


Please bear in mind the impact that long, hot summer days and activities such as concentrating in lessons, PE, school trips etc can have on fasting children.


We would therefore respectfully request that you give permission for your fasting child to drink/eat if they feel unwell.

Please also remember that if a child is unwell, we have a duty ask them to eat or drink as relevant.


Kind Regards, Mrs Hafeez Safeguarding Officer).