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Quality physical education programs help all students develop health-related fitness, physical competence, cognitive understanding, and positive attitudes about physical activity, so that they can adopt healthy and physically active lifestyles.

At Tudor we believe that Physical education helps students to develop the skills, knowledge, and competencies to live healthy and physically active lives at school and for the rest of their life, see below how our pupils take part in a various sporting activities and the types of clubs we run!

Play leaders

Play leaders, who are always outside at lunchtimes, are helping younger children to get active. We are providing them with loads of fun activities, equipment and fun events. It is very simple if they want to come, whatever year group is chosen they can come. I like being a play leader because I have the opportunity to teach younger children how to be more active and what to do to get active. We always choose a variety of activities for everyone to have fun.

Janvi, Year 6

Play Leaders: Janvi, Prapti, Chhaya, Jenifer, Diya, Malaika, Ilhaan, Amrita, Amrit, Siham, Sabiha, Julia, Maria, Stephanie, Fatima. 

"I like to come to play leaders because I can play with my friends. My favourite thing to play is hula hoops". Mansi, Reception


"I like to come to play leaders because it is a lot of fun. I like the hula hoops". Riva, Reception

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Change 4 Life
Change 4 Life happens every Wednesday, where a number of children in year 3 and 4 are selected to do energetic activities. C4L is run by year 6 and is observed by the P.E teacher (Mrs Webb Butler). Moreover, we may play games for instance: relay races, a football match, monkey in the middle or a tennis match. However, these games help the children in their sports for e.g. their accuracy in sports, bowling and many more. By doing Change 4 Life, it shows we are a healthy school as we are moving around.

"I really love being a C4L leader because it involves me teaching the skills I know and the children will learn more in sports".


"I like Change 4 Life because they teach things that I love and there are some good times. Change 4 Life is fun.

Zahara", Year 4


"I like that in Change 4 Life there are loads of fun games for example you can play football and many other things.

Mohammed", Year 4


We also tell the children to wear suitable foot wear and trainers so there won’t be any injuries for example slipping. Furthermore, we make sure there are no hazards in the hall as it could cause accidents if a child were to fall over it. I really enjoy being a C4L leader.


Change 4 Life Leaders: Rafia, Saaleha, Amrita, Prachi, Simran


By Rafia, Year 6

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Brentford Football Club in Year 5
My name’s Connor Miller and I work with Brentford football club community sports trust.

Myself and Coach Akar Bapir, who runs the project ‘Move and learn’, entered Tudor Primary School to do this project.


A little bit about the project, it is six week program that is free for schools. We, as coaches, come into the school and deliver a one hour PSHE session while one class is outside doing PE. They switch over after the first hour to get a mix of both classroom and outside learning. A range of different sports are used for teaching skills, for example; football, dodgeball and handball which are the three that are favoured by schools.


The classroom activities that are undertaken are enjoyable and very informative to students and teachers. The classroom session teaches the children all about how important it is to get the right amount of sleep and how to have a healthy diet among other topics.


The children learn in a very fun way, instead of a lot of information being just told to them, our coach’s engage in a conversation with the students in a back and forth discussion that keeps the students engaged.


We thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Tudor Primary School for the six weeks we were there. We were very pleased to see what information the students had taken away from project and interested to see how they have changed their lifestyles. An example of this is a student that was talking about how they now try add more fruits and vegetables to their everyday diet and have decided to take part in a football club.

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“The staff from Brentford who came to our school taught me a lot of key things about keeping healthy. For example a person should always have their 5 a day and at least 4-8 cups of water every day. They also taught me that the key point to keeping healthy is to keep our pulse rate up such as by running, doing star jumps and jogging on the spot.

I really enjoyed the part where they gave us quizzes to test what we remembered. Another fact they told us is that if a person tenses their fists and puts them together, that is the size of their brain, if that person takes away one hand that will remain the size of your heart”

“During PE the staff from Brentford taught us extremely fun activities. In addition, they taught us something really important, before a person exercises they should warm up, to avoid injuries.

The first game we played taught us how to co-operate together and play as a team. During the second activity we played, they taught us how to use our skills properly. During the third game, we built up our agility and during the fourth we learnt how to build up our hand - eye coordination.”

After School Clubs

Tudor School also runs various after school sporting clubs, please follow the link below to see our termly club timetable; please follow the link below to see our club timetable.