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Across Tudor Primary School, children will be provided with the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes to enable them to make informed decisions about their lives inside and outside of school. Children will be taught to communicate their ideas and feelings in a constructive way. The PSHE curriculum will also embed with  British values to ensure children are well rounded and prepared for a life outside of school.

Tudor Primary School received the London Healthy School Award

Tudor Primary School received the London Healthy School Award 1

Sugar Smart School 

Some of our children were chosen to take part in a Sugar Debate for Schools which was held at Ealing Town Hall and discover how to become a Sugar Smart School and reduce sugar intake. They had opportunity to participate in a debate around sugar and obesity – this links to the schools English and PSHE curriculum.


The students discussed obesity, where does it originate, what are the factors and how we can improve as a society.

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Tudor Helping Good Causes 

Tudor Primary School does our best in assisting and thinking of others, one way in which we do this is by raising money for charity. Our aim is to encourage children to develop their Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural through exciting fundraising ideas and activities where they work together and the school comes together as a community. We are hoping this will encourage a lot of innovative and creative thinking by our children! 

Please see below the charities we have raised money for so far;