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On Thursday 9th October, with several of my classmates, I went to Ealing Trailfinders to attend a tag rugby tournament, we had a lot of fun there. We were placed on the real grass pitch out of the two pitches and we began to get some last minute practise, we felt nervous when we first arrived. In the first 2 games we had a solid defence and no points were scored against us. That was only the beginning and it got much harder from there, we won with a two and one point difference to us. In the third match, we were beaten badly, we tried our best but our defence was not strong enough to fend off the opponents, in the end we were beaten by 3 points. This discouraged us quite a lot but in the end we decided to forget that we lost and we practised some more. At that point we were determined not to lose any more games but then we lost another game and this put our team spirit down by a lot, having two loses in a row is really discouraging but we still didn’t give up.


The next match was a draw and that was one of the teams that went to the quarter finals, if we had received one more point or if we didn’t lose two points we could have gone to the quarter finals, sadly we didn’t.


Team: Guramritpal, Ria, Heinrich, Aryan, Pearleen, Saaleha, Maria, Shajeed, Kethusan, Yamim


By Shajeed, Year 6