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Tudor Primary School

Thursday 12th October 2017

Those present:

School Council Members

Mrs Cooling


Agenda Discussed

  • Outcome of School council ideas for the school this academic year.
  • The school Council came up with many ideas that the school should use, the most popular ones are outlined below;
  • More use of the ICT suite – School council requested that there should be an ICT club either lunch times of after school. The children would like to use ICT to learn more about programming. The children are already using J2E and would learn more about it. The children would also like to create Java Guessing games in the ICT clubs and to use the game to play with other children in the club (this would be a competition on which group makes the bets game)
  • PE and Playground Equipment – children would like to have more sports clubs, such as basketball, baseball or rounders’, cricket and tennis.
  • Children wanted new skipping ropes for break time.
  • Library Club – the school council stated that all children use the Library during lunch times to change their books, however they would like a Library club during lunch time to discuss the best books and talk about it. School council suggested that each year group are to be given a 15 slot each lunch time.

Agenda for next Meeting

  • Fundraising for Children in Need
  • All school council members are to send a message to their classes about fundraising for Children In Need.
  • Children in Need will take place on Friday 17th November
  • Children to wear clothing with polka dots.
  • All children who participate are to donate £1 and how will this money be collected.
  • Next Meeting we will discuss outcome of their ideas above.


Next meeting will take place on Thursday 9th November 2017 9.30am.