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Tudor Primary School

Thursday 18th May 2017

School Council Meeting

Those Present: 

Mrs Cooling

Miss Dhanoya

Members of the School Council 


SMSC Pledges

In today’s meeting we discussed the SMSC pledges, which are part of our Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural provision. The pledges are a set of activities that we encourage all students to complete during their time at Tudor Primary school to broaden experiences, extend opportunities and raise the aspirations of our students. The pledges are as follows:

  • To visit a museum or art gallery
  • To be involved in a residential programme/outdoor activity programme
  • To visit the theatre
  • To participate in a fund raising event
  • To participate in a volunteering event
  • To take part in a class debate
  • To give a formal presentation
  • To take part in a school performance or production
  • To meet and interact with visitors
  • To create links with schools in the local area and abroad
  • To take part in a talent competition
  • To vote in a mock election
  • To run for election for school council
  • To take responsibility for a younger member of school
  • To compete in a Tudor competition
  • To join an after school/lunchtime club
  • To do a learning walk with the leadership team

We encourage all teachers to read all of the pledges and motivate their pupils to take part in some of the activities to increase their learning.