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Tudor Primary School

Thursday 21st September 2017

Minutes from the School Council Thursday 21st September

Those present:

School Council Members Years 3, 4 and 5

Mrs Cooling

Apologies: Year 2 and 6 (out on a trip)


Agenda Discussed

  • Welcome to all the new member of the school council, this year the school council will be working hard to ensure that all the pupils at Tudor are always happy, motivated, supportive of others and safe.
  • The school council’s first task is to think about what they want to see more of in the school and how they want to implement it.
  • The children decided that once we have gathered the ideas we will use two to three ideas and change every term and see how they have worked.
  • The children were asked to create a poster showing the new ideas they want to see at school, and were asked to ensure the poster is colourful, neat handwriting and draw good pictures.
  • The children must involve the children in their class to see what ideas they want to see.
  • The school council members were introduced to their responsibilities, and how they all must ensure that all children at the school are treated equally and at break times they must support their class and any new children who have joined the school.

Agenda for next Meeting

  • All members to bring in the posters of their ideas.
  • Finalise which ideas we want to use in the autumn term.
  • Litter monitor - who and how the school council have monitored this.



Next meeting will take place on Thursday 12th October 2017