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Tudor Primary School

Thursday 27th April 2017

School Council Meeting Thursday 27th April 2017


Those Present;


Mrs Cooling Administration 

Members of the School Council 

Mrs Rana Parent Governor



· School Council were asked to come up with words for ACE at Tudor Primary School – we talked about what the words ACE could stand for;

Ø What are the values of Tudor

Ø What do we want to be proud of and what makes us proud

Ø What are the reason behind the words

Ø How do these words represent our school

Ø School Council were asked to ask their classes and bring a list of the words and why in the next meeting.



· School Pledge; the school council discussed how they have been encouraging their friends to read and follow the reading pledge.

Ø Children have taken part in the Readathon challenge and school council have been remind their class to bring in the sponsor money on Friday 28th April

Ø Children have been reading with Mrs Sharma outdoors for reading session.

Ø Children in year 4 have taken part in Story Hunters, 14 children completed all 6 packs that started last year and were awarded with a special prize. Children in year 4 gained new books form each pack and have been reading books of different genres.

Ø Classes are regularly checking reading records

Ø Mrs Sharma will be announcing the upcoming poetry competition which all children will be taking part in.

Ø The school council members stated that they are have completed book reviews from books they have read in the reading corners and some of the review are displayed in the class room.

Ø Mrs Rana encourage children to read every day at home with parents, and school council were asked to bring a book review of a book the children will read in the next two week.


Next school council meeting will be held on Thursday 18th May, School council member to bring book review and words regarding ACE.