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Tudor Primary School

Tuesday 18th July 2017

School Council Meeting

Those present: Mrs. Daine (GB), Mrs. Cooling and School Council Members


  1. Discuss what the enterprise money from the summer fair will go towards
  2. New murals
  3. New library books
  4. Library opens for longer



  1. Children suggested that the Enterprise money from the Summer Fair should be used in the following ways;
  • New sports equipment
  • Outdoor Reading area, this can be used towards the canopy, new umbrellas for shade and new books.
  • Some of the school council members said to use the money towards new kits for the school sport teams.
  • Library – revamp the library.


2.The children discussed to have new murals around the corridors; the murals should encourage others to learn and work hard yet be very colorful and stand out.


3.New Library Books – the member of the school council stated that they have already noticed new books in the Library and some of them have read one or two of the new books and really enjoyed them. They also said they would like to see more new books for a wider selection.


4.The children suggested that the Library should be open for longer, Mrs. Cooling asked how can this be effective and how will it be implemented?

  • School council members said that they enjoyed going to the library club during lunch time. There should be a day allocated to each year group to join a lunch time library club (e.g. year 4 to library club will run on a Tuesday and Year 6 library club runs on a Friday).
  • Year 6 school council members said they did not get a chance to go to the library as often as they would have preferred to. Year 6 to visit the library more often.
  • Year 4 children also said that they only visited the library a couple of times in a month and would like to visit more often.
  • Mrs. Daine suggested that it would be a good idea to allocate a year group each day where they can visit the library between 3.15pm – 3.30pm and parents also get invited and help their child to pick out a book.
  • School council members also suggested that each year group could do a reading challenge, the teachers would set out a list of 5 books that they have to read over a term, once the child has read all 6 books they should get a stamp against each book read and at the end of the challenge, the children could be rewarded with a certificate the morning assembly.


Mrs. Cooling reminded the children that there is also the Summer Reading Challenge taking place at all local libraries. The children can visit their local library in the summer holidays and take up the Summer Reading Challenge to keep their reading skills up during the break and then they can recommend any of the books when they come back to school after September. If the children finish the challenge the children will be rewarded with great prizes!


Thank you to all the School Council members for the support they have provided at Tudor this year, well done to all of you!