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Tudor Primary School

Tuesday 28th February 2017

School Council Meeting Tuesday 28th February 2017


Those present;

  • Assistant Head Mrs Sharma
  • School Governor Ms Daine
  • SENCo Ms Hafeez
  • School Council Members


Reading Survey Results

• Children need constant reminding what an author is and what an illustrator is.

• Children wanted more opportunities to read to someone because they did not have the opportunity at home

• They wanted more exposure to books

• They wanted a fun reading club to read and talk about books.

• Children liked hearing class stories.

• They liked the idea of reading champions to promote reading in each year group.


Next steps-

• We need to buy in more comics, info-graphic books, funny, adventure stories, series books, plays, ghost stories, poetry books, magazines, website reading

• We need to train children to be able to talk about authors using their correct names i.e. Roald Dahl. Children should be able to name at least 3 authors they enjoy.

• Every class to have reader of the week

  • Classes buddy up with other classes to read with and promote reading
  • Donate books from home
  • Recommend a book of the week to add to the reading corner so others can share your recommended book


Mrs Daine’s comments on Reading Corners

  • Mrs Daine stated that Reading corners were very impressive throughout most classrooms.
  • Some classes had wider range of books than others
  • Each term classrooms should swap their books in the reading corners so children are reading wider range of books this can be done on a termly basis.
  • Each reading corner should have a comfortable place to sit.


School Council’s next steps

  • School council to encourage their peers to read and donate nay books or magazines from home if they have any unwanted good condition reading materials.
  • Encourage children to recommend book of the week
  • School council to monitor termly books swaps in classes for reading corners
  • Mr Coakley to finalise the date for Daily Mile.