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Tudor Primary School

Tuesday 31st January 2017

Minutes from the School Council Tuesday 31st January 2017

Those present:

  • Headteacher Ms Kalra
  • School Governor Ms Daine
  • P.E Lead Mr Coakley
  • SENCo Ms Hafeez
  • School Council Members


Agenda Discussed

  • Daily Mile - children are to take part in the daily mile every afternoon and walk for 15 minutes around the playground
  • school council to pass the message on to all satf and pupils and daily mile is to be monitored. 
  • Reading Pledge - School council is to keep the promise of encouraging all pupils to read and reminding pupils about the pledge.
  • Readathon challenge - school council to think about ways of getting all children to read, think about prizes, competitions, book review and school council to decide how they will set up the reading library club.


Agenda for next Meeting

  • Outcome of the daily Mile
  • Litter monitor - who and how the school council have monitored this.
  • School Governor Mrs Daine will be visiting and giving feedback on reading corners.
  • Outcome of Readathon Challnge.



  • Next meeting will take place on 28th February 2017.