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Tudor Primary School

Wednesday 21st September

Date: Wednesday 21st September 2016                                                      


Time: 1:00pm



Present: A. Felicien ,

All councillors (year 2 – 6)




Business to be discussed at this meeting:


The role of a school councillor - we discussed the purpose of school council and how their roles help to shape and improve school.


Mission Statement – as a group we read the mission statement and looked at how it is implanted in our school. We thought about what needed to be added to improve it. Councillors thought it would be nice to add a sentence about how we welcome children that are new to the country.


TUDOR – in small groups councillors chose words that represent Tudor. They came up with the following ideas:

  • T- team work
  • U - unique
  • D – Diversity
  • O – opportunity
  • R – Resilience


Enterprise Money - £1257 was raised by pupils, this money is to be spent for school playground equipment. Councillors were asked to gather feedback from their class on what they would like in the playground.  Ideas from each class  will be shared at the next meeting.


Next Meeting Agenda


Enterprise Money


Next Meeting Date -  Tuesday 4th October  2016 – 1pm