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Whitby Visit - July 2015

Here are some recounts from the year 6's that visited Whitby. 

Last week we went to Whitby to meet our pen pals who we had been writing to for 3 years!  I was very excited because I couldn’t wait to go to the beach.  We went on a very long coach journey but it was actually fun as we played games and even sang some of the songs we had learnt for our leavers’ performance.  Once we arrived in Whitby we went to our rooms, they were very old and some people thought that they might be haunted.  Before we ate our tea we went out to explore and found out that it was 300 steps down to the beach!  It was very tiring going up and down but by the end of the stay it became easier.  The next day we went to meet our pen pals at their school which was very different from ours.  Together we went to a different beach and went rock pooling – this is where you look for sea creatures in the sea.  We then wrote our schools names in the sand.  I had so much fun playing on the beach with everyone but I was a bit sad as we couldn’t go into the sea but later that day at a different beach we were allowed to go in (but only up to our knees).
I really enjoyed my trip to Whitby as I got to experience many different things that I hadn’t done before.  I also got to finally meet my pen pal.

I went on a school trip to Whitby and it was great fun.  We were staying in the countryside and everything was so green and bright.  We got to do lots of amazing things such as: rock pooling, meeting our pen pals, paddling in the sea, walking on the pier, buying sweets and playing on arcade games.  This was a great experience because there were lots of new things for me to do.  I really enjoyed playing on the beach with all my friends as we were splashing each other and running away from the waves.  
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