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Tudor Primary School

April 2019-3rd May 2019

Minutes from the School Council Friday 3rd May 2019

Those present:

School Council Members, Mrs Cooling 




  • Agenda – School Council discussed the following:
  • School Council will be working on a new project in the spring term 
  • the new project - Better Energy School Awards; 
  • Tudor Primary's school Council children went to a lot of time and effort creating a model to show what it means to them about keeping the environment clean.  The children chose to take part in the Totally Creative  category,  The children created a cleaner planet mural; which they used recycle materials to build and also to show the affects of pollution. Well done to the school council

    members for being so creative. The children used recycled materials to create a fantastic model of the sea with a whale's tale to show what pollution does to our sea. they also made a globe of the world and added in endangered animals around the world. Materials used was polystyrene, cardboard, used crepe paper, wires. The children also used bottle caps to use in the sea and shrank used crisps and

    chocolate wrappers by putting them in the oven to make them smaller and use in their model. The school council children spent 6 weeks creating this project to show the effects of pollution around the earth!

  • Summer Term—School Council will be getting involved with the Citizenship Award Project which will be run by Mr Fajmut.