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Bikeability - Yr5

Over a few weeks, Year 5 were taught how to improve their skills and knowledge when riding a bike on the road.  It’s like cycling proficiency, but better!  Bikeability gives everyone the skills and confidence for all kinds of cycling. There are three Bikeability levels, each designed to improve cycling skills, no matter what is known already.  Levels 1, 2 and 3 take trainees from the basics of balance and control, all the way to planning and making an independent journey on busier roads. Well done to Year 5 children that completed their Bikeability levels 1 and 2 and even a Level 3. The children were awarded with a certificate and a badge!


Some of the children had this to say;


'I have really enjoyed attending the bikeability sessions because they are fun and I am taught how to stay safe on the road. We are also taught how cycling keeps us healthy, fit and stops us polluting the environment like cars do.'


'We learn about bikes and safety on the road. The sessions help us to be more confident and steady when cycling on the road.'


'I have been learning about how to get on and off the bike and road safety. We have learnt how to do road signals to indicate to the driver whether we are turning left or right. We have even cycled on the road and I really look forward to bikeability and have learnt a lot.


'What I like about bikeability is you learn things you haven't learned before. I like when we go on the road safely and signal to cars because I have never done that before. Because we are older now and we know how to stay safe.'