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Tudor Primary School

Chessington - Yr5

‘At Chessington I learned about forces. When the roller coasters go up they go up by a spinning wheel at the bottom and they come down by gravity. When I was on the roller coasters when I felt the gravity it felt like there was a lot of air coming into me.’ – Khalid, Gold Class.


‘At Chessington we learned about forces, when the ride down then it slows down because of friction. On the rides when I could feel the gravity I felt scared.’ – Shabnam, Gold Class.


‘At Chessington I learned that a force called friction stops rides because when it goes down the metal stops it. We investigated friction by using a cup and tray to make a ramp. We had four pieces of paper and we had to use the car to see which had the least friction and which had the most friction. The material that created the most amount of friction was the felt.’ – Jagman, Gold Class.