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China School Visit

Tudor Primary School was very lucky to be visited by the China school that our teachers visited during the school holidays.  There were two groups paired up with Year 6 Pupils; each had different activities; music lesson and a lesson on the Chinese New Year.  The China school students sang beautiful traditional songs accompanied by lovely playing on musical instruments.  Thoroughly enjoyed an Indian meal provided in the school canteen.  They also visited the Reception classes who are currently learning about China and to end their visit they took a walk down Southall Broadway.

Our Yr6 pupils took the china school children on a tour of the school, here's what a few of the Yr6 had to say: 



When the children, who arrived from Beijing in China at our school, we gave them a brief tour of Tudor Primary school.  Everybody loved it and we had lots of activities interacting with them.  The day went as planned and everyone enjoyed it, even the teachers and our school was given a lot of praise therefore it was an exciting, surprising and interesting day.



They taught my friends and I to play a game where you balance on one leg.  Another fun thing was giving them a tour around the school since the school in China is different.  One girl, I was giving a tour to said she like the idea of the daily mile.



When the chinese students came we had a lot of fun,  We showed them around the school, had music lesson with them and they also gave us presents.  My favourite part was when they showed their talents to us, as they were all amazing and unique.