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Extreme Bike Show

The Extreme Mountain Bike Show is the UK & Europe’s number one Mountain Bike, Trials/BMX demonstration Team lead by the Multiple British and European Mountain Bike Trials Champion Danny Butler.


Danny bought a spectacular show of stunts and tricks involving various obstacles and his tall van!

The children absolutely enjoyed it as Danny made it very interactive asking them what they thought he ate for breakfast!  Eating healthy foods in balance helps keep the strength up to perform these stunts and tricks to the public.

Danny from the Extreme Bike show came to our school and told us about many things such as healthy eating, how to keep strong and fit. Danny told us that he was a professional bike rider and he told us about the many biking tournaments that he has won. He also told us that keeping your body healthy is vital because if your body doesn’t have the things it needs, you will become weak and you won’t be able to stay fit and healthy. He also taught about the types of food groups such as carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, protein, dairy and fats. These all have a big impact on our body because they all do their own thing. He also did amazing stunts like jumping on top of his van with his bike, jumping over a pole and jumping off stairs. Also, he told us that his bike was made out of pure aluminium and the brake pressure was so high that it could crush the wheel if he held the brake too hard.  In addition, he told us how important it is to set ourselves goals.  It was an amazing morning and I had an amazing time.


By Aahil

Copper Class