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Tudor Primary School

Friday 20th April 2018

Minutes from the School Council Friday 20th April 2018

Those present:

School Council Members, Mrs Cooling & Mrs Sharma



Agenda – School Council discussed the following:

Book Review

  • School council members were asked to bring in their book reviews on any books they read over the Easter break; deadline will be Wednesday 25th April.

Summer Fair

  • Every year Tudor holds a summer fair to get the school community together , school council members were asked to bring in their ideas on what games and events they would like to see taking place at this summer fair;
  • The members had some good ideas and all school council members have been asked to write down their ideas on paper and to bring these in to the next school council meeting. These ideas will then be passed on to the senior leadership team to decide which ‘best’ 5 ideas we can use at the summer fair.


  • Before the Easter half term Mr Fajmut organised a fundraising event to raise money for our chosen charity.
  • Thank you to all the classes that helped organise this event and helped raise funds.
  • So far we have raised £400.
  • School council members have been asked to pass on the message to their peers, we are also collecting in unwanted books and toy in good condition which will be donated to the chosen charity. The school council members have been asked to ask their classes to bring any unwanted books or toys in before May half term.

Enrichment – Fab Fridays

  • Every Friday from 2pm -3pm each class will be visited by a different teacher which will alternate every three weeks to carry out fun activities.
  • Children will have the chance to create pieces of great art work like sculptures. They will also take part in other activities like dance, sports etc.
  • School council members have been asked to give Mrs Cooling some feedback on what they think about the Fab Friday activities, the feedback must be done with their classes and this will be present in the next meeting;
  • What parts of the lesson do they enjoy?
  • What have they learnt so far?
  • What can be improved?
  • What other activities would they like to see or incorporate?


  • Next Meeting date: Wednesday 23rd May 2018