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Tudor Primary School Girls Football Tournament 

Today was the day we had proven ourselves! As we headed towards London Tigers, I knew our team had the potential. We started with the general warm and then the exciting part jumped in: playing against another school.

We had drawn with the first school 0-0 but then…

We won the second match moreover the one after that and so on until we were called into the hall. We ate our food after that we found out that we came first in our group!

Then we had to face the top team that were on pitch 3. It was a nervous wait whether we would be first or them. After 6 minutes had of the match the score was 0-0.  The referee said we will get extra time. But then, the referee had said to pick three people to try to score with penalties. Our captain could choose whether it is their turn first or our turn first. Our captain decided it was their go first. The two penalty takers of theirs missed but they got the third one in.   We couldn’t get any goal in so they won (they had a humongous goalkeeper). Well at least we got medals (silver). 

During this tournament, I learned how to achieve with teamwork. Although, we didn’t win gold we are a happy team.


By Jessica, Year 6