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Guru Nanak's Birthday

Here is the script from the year 4 assembly.  

Morning and welcome to our assembly, today we are going to tell you about a very special man called Guru Nanak. We hope you enjoy and learn something new.

Guru Nanak was born in 1469 in what is now Pakistan. At the age of 30 he mysteriously disappeared for 3 days. When he reappeared, he began to preach the Sikh faith and spent the rest of his life teaching, writing and travelling around the world.

All those who follow Guru Nanak’s teaching today are called Sikhs. He is very important to them as he was the founder of the Sikh religion. That’s why they celebrate his birthday every year with great joy and enthusiasm.
In the Punjab region in India, children are given new clothes on Nanak’s and have the day off school to join in the celebrations.

There are often processions through the streets. These processions are led by religious leaders followed by school bands and people dressed in mock battle costumes.

The route is decorated with flags, flowers, banners and there are decorated gateways depicting various aspects of Sikhism.
In the Sikh temples, which are called Gurdwaras, the Sikh holy book, called the Guru Granth Sahib, is read from beginning to end.
This reading is followed by singing teaching and poetry.

Everyone shares a meal from the free kitchen, called langar. Special is eaten and served to everyone there.
Candles are lit in the Sikh temples and in homes, shops and offices. Firework displays go on late into the night . It sounds like quite a party, doesn’t it!

Time for reflection
Sikhs remember the birthday of Guru Nanak every year because he was a very special man with a very special message. Let us take a few moments now to remind ourselves of his message.
Whether you are a boy or a girl,
God created you.
Whether you are young or old,
God cares for you.
Whether you are rich or poor,
God loves you.
Whatever religion you follow,
God created you.
Whatever country you were born in,
God cares for you.
Whatever you can and can’t do,
God loves you.
Just as Guru Nanak did, we can choose to live out this message in our own lives today.
We can choose not to laugh at those who are different.
We can choose to be kind.
We can choose not to argue with those who are different.
We can choose to bring peace.
We can choose not to look down on those who are different.
We can choose to treat everyone as equals.
Just before we go, take another look around you.
Yes, we are all different.
But we are also all equal.

What did you learn about Guru Nanak?