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Standards for School Meals

Our new menus for summer 2009 continue to meet the much publicised Government standards for school lunches. These standards have been introduced because it is evident that many children are not making healthy choices at lunchtime. We know that unhealthy eating patterns, based on diets high in fat, salt and sugar, are associated with poor physical and mental health both in the short and longer term.


At Harrison we take our responsibility in children's education and health very seriously. In developing our menus, we aim to provide your child with a wide range of freshly cooked foods. These are prepared from good quality ingredients so that they can choose a tasty but healthy and nutritious meal at lunchtime.


We also recognise that eating a varied diet is an important part of eating healthily. Therefore we have included the 'old favourites', alongside some new and less familiar foods, in order to encourage your children to expand the range of foods that they enjoy. We look forward to working with you to help your children choose a healthy diet.


The food that children eat is critically important to their health. As caterers we can encourage healthier eating by providing and promoting healthy choices. Therefore this year we are launching a training programme for all of our catering staff on healthier catering that has been devised by our Company Nutritionist.


Quality Assurance
At the heart of our service is our insistence on best quality ingredients supplied by reputable and highly experienced suppliers. We buy fresh poultry and meat which, with the exception of some New Zealand and Australian lamb, is UK bred. Our butchers operate 'field to fork' traceability and are audited for best practice in relation to animal welfare. Also we only buy Lion Grade Eggs. These eggs are produced to the highest standards of food safety and are date stamped on every shell.


Marketing and Promotions
Throughout the school year we have a programme of events. These events are designed to create interest and enjoyment and are linked where possible to the curriculum, school projects and local topics.


In partnership with the London Borough of Ealing it is our aim to ensure that schools have the best meal service possible. By promoting healthy and nutritious food, pupils are encouraged to develop the confidence, skills and understanding to make the right daily food choices that contribute to both their short and long-term well-being.


Keeping in Touch
We always welcome your comments and suggestions. You can talk to the Catering Manager at School, or call us at the Harrison Ealing Office on 0208 280 0311.