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Tudor Primary School

Internet Safety Week 10th Feb - 14th Feb 2020

The whole school took part in an explorative workshop into the many ways to stay safe online as part of our internet safety week. Throughout the workshop by Perform for Schools, the children will: * Understand why it is so important to stay safe online * Explore how people can be bullied over the internet and learn methods to prevent this from happening. * Create freeze frames to help recognise the ways in which people can be bullied online. * Understand what must be done and who they should tell if they ever feel unsafe or hurt by someone, whether this is over the internet or in their every-day lives Learning objectives: To understand how to communicate with people online appropriately. To understand what to do if something happens that you don't like online. To recognise the importance of e-safety. To understand how avatars can be used to make people appear different to who they are.