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Kidzania Trip - Best Class Attendance Prize

As a reward, Year 6 Yellow class won a trip to Kidzania for having the best attendance out of the whole school. One of our Year 6 pupils have described how their experience was.

Our Day at Kidzania – By Arshan 
The journey to Kidzania was amazing! Unluckily we were 10 minutes late, as we should have been there for 10:00am. We got given our Kidzo’s (Kidzanian money) and ran off to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory. In the factory we learnt how to make chocolate. It was amazing. At the end we got diary milk tokens. We earned 13 kidzos for working at the recycling centre and electric company. 
At lunch we gobbled up all our food and ran to the air conditioning company.  We were so excited, we ran and got caught be the police, for this they gave us a fine of 2 kidzos. We earned it back after working at the air conditioning company.