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Year 5 &6 Netball Tournament 

Thursday 17th October


The netball tournament took place in Villiers High School. As we reached there a group of leaders took us to a basketball court where the meeting took place. Mr Dowden told us to sit in a line and be quiet. The referee came and told Mr Dowden how the team should be set up. There were 2 teams and each match had 7 minutes.


It was us playing against the other school when the match ended, we came with a win of the score 3-0.  We had a break and started playing again and guess what we won again with the score of 2-0.  We had another break and it was our match again but this time we lost. It was our last match. Unfortunately, we lost and then it was time for our results. We sat down quietly at the basketball court and then we heard that top 2 we go through top 3 and 4 will vs each other to the semi-finals. It was our group’s turn and we all of a sudden heard that we came 3rd. We were so advantageous because we won by 1 point and we went to court 1 to play against the 4th team. We scored 1 and everyone went demented but everyone got silent again because they scored. Then 7 minutes was over they gave us 2 more minutes.  Then it was the golden goal. We were so unlucky because the golden goal was right next our net.


We lost the quarter finals we all were sad but Mr D said, ’Well done!’ because we tried to win and then we headed back to our lovely school.  


By Siddarth


Netball Tournament

11th October 2018

Pitshanger Park

On Thursday 11th October 2018 we went to a netball tournament at a huge court. There were many other teams there, when I first saw them I felt as if we were going to be humiliated and we would lose all the matches but we carried on and played our first match and drew two matches in the morning. It was incredibly fun and we played really well. In the afternoon, we played in a new group and made it until the semi-finals but then we had to go home. It was a great experience and we really enjoyed ourselves, it was one of the best tournaments!

By Jasmine


On Thursday 2nd November, we went to the netball tournament at Pitshanger Park. I felt petrified at first however with my team’s support we were able to win many matches. We all were in different positions and were eager to win. It was extremely difficult at first but later into the afternoon it started to become easier. Instead of giving up we started to practise. After we had warmed up, the matches started. Working together had made everyone determined to win. Sometimes we didn’t win but we did not argue about it. It was brilliant as I had an amazing team. So we were able to win more matches than we thought we would.

Team: Tori, Malaika, Rafia, Amrita, Mrwa, Amit, Mohammed M, Sameh, Jenifer

By Rafia, Year 6