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Black History Month Workshop

October celebrated Black History Month, we had the pleasure of offering all our pupils workshops from Perform for Schools. These compassionate workshops were about human rights, and the key figures who contributed to racial equality.  KS1 too part in  the following; * Jump in a time machine back to 1854, to learn about Mary Seacole’s work in hospitals during the Crimean War * Re-create the story of Rosa Parks using freeze frames in teams * Understand the meaning of segregation and share thoughts about how it would have felt * Reflect on Martin Luther King’s Speech as a cool down. KS2 learnt about; Learn about Mary Seacole and how she was rejected because of her race  * Use drama techniques, supported by music, to understand the lives of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King * Bring to life characters such as Rosa Parks and improvise scenes from the day of the bus boycott