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Girls Euro Football Tournament Spikes Bridge Park Tuesday 21st June 2022

My name is Nilima. On Tuesday 21st June, the girls from Year 6 attended a tournament at Spikesbridge Park. Our teachers, Mr Coakley and Miss Paul, told us to be competitive. We had lots of best wishes from our class mates before we left for the tournament.  


Unfortunately, we lost our first match, but I know that all of my teammates tried their best.  The reason for this was that we were nervous when the opposing team tackled us and so we lost control of the ball. We lost by two goals.  We all felt a little pressure but this just gave us more motivation to do well. I was determined as the goal keeper to save more goals.


 During one of our matches, I was astounded by the last minute goal which was scored by Jia, our midfielder.  During our break we watched our next opponent. We played better in our second match and were becoming more competitive. I was very impressed with a girl who was our opponent who scored a top corner goal.


Yes, we did lose all of our matches, but we gave it everything. I was very proud of our last game as we played as a team and we confidently used all the skills that we had learnt to play football. We didn’t get through to the next round but you could not fault our effort. I am proud of my team and myself. 




The girls showed incredible resilience at this event and they didn’t stopped trying their best or supporting each other.  They were able to apply what they learned in PE lessons and their after school club.


Mr Coakley