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Girls Football Tournament

Girls football tournament

Thursday 17th November 2022


When we all arrived we were shaking in fear, my team - me ( Moriom), Rhea,Zainab,Umaiza, Siddiksha, Thipaksy, Waffa, Masiyah, Medha and Tanya - thought we would never make it to the quarter finals.In our first match, we were being too nice but as the matches continued we made progress.In our second match, we played well due to the support we were given by Mr.D. We had no tactics but all we did was kick the ball forward to the other team's goal. That's how we scored lots and won the game.


Our 4th game was the scariest of all. This game would show whether we would go to the quarter finals or go home. As we ran on to the pitch, our hearts were beating. Will we be able to win this game or not…


As the whistle blew, we started to kick the ball forward and missed.

Once again the ball came to me. I tried kicking it forward but missed. Miss number 2.

The whistle blew again.Game over. Penalties. Will we be able to win? 

Overwhelmed,It was my turn and I missed. Miss number 3. Seeing how the other team scored, I cheered Rhea on and yes. It went in.All the pressure was on Medha if she didn't score we would lose.It went in!!!! Tension left my body and a shock of relief hit me hard.


Straight after lunch, we went into lines to hear our results that would justify whether we would go to the quarter finals.We heard that Tudor came in 1st place which means we were definitely going to finals.


The Quarter final was a breeze as we won and  moved on to the semifinals. Allenby the first school that we played against were playing us again.Everything was going great. Until a panic wave pushed me, I tried kicking into the goal but missed. Unfortunately, we lost.


We had another game to play and it was a tie. We did penalties and we won! At the end we went to the other pitch for the refs to announce the scores and surprisingly we came…3rd!! We were all over the moon!


By Moriom