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Parent Group Helping your child overcome fears and worries

Parent Group


Helping your child overcome fears and worries


A 6-week group programme to help parents understand and manage child anxiety, for example, worries about returning to school, worries leading to your child not sleeping in their own bed, specific fears, etc.


Available to Parents with children with anxiety.


The course will be delivered by CAMHS Practitioners online via MS Teams.


We have 8 parent places available for this group.


Please email for further information and to book your place (Deadline to register interest is Wednesday 23rd September)


Who are we?

We are the Ealing Mental Health Support Team and we support the wellbeing of children and young people in education settings.


Group Book


This group is based on the book Helping Your Child with Fears and Worries by Cathy Creswell and Lucy Willetts.


Some people find it helpful to buy this book, however, this is not necessary      .                    and we can provide .chapter summaries.


We will be working through this book during the 6 weeks


Course Outline


The course will run on Monday 28th September from [10am- 12pm].


The schedule will cover:

28/09/20—course introduction: overview of the programme, group guidelines, outcome measures.

05/10/20 —understanding anxiety: causes, maintenance, behaviours; goal setting

12/10/20 —exploring anxious thoughts with your child; the trouble with reassurance; thought challenge

19/10/20 —promoting confidence and independence; rewarding your child, making a step plan


02/11/20 —putting a step plan into practice, problem solving with your child

09/11/20 —a review of progress; new steps on the step plan; keeping up