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Tudor Primary School

Parent Information for September 2020 Start

Tudor Primary School opens on Thursday 3rd September.

All children are expected to return to school.


 We hope you have had a pleasant summer and are very excited about welcoming your children back to school.


We have been working very hard to make their re-entry as safe as possible and this means that we have had to make some changes in these unprecedented times. Please see our school Risk Assessment on our website.


Please advise the school if you have been on holiday abroad in the last 2 weeks.

If your child is absent, you must inform the school straight away for our Track and Trace procedures.


Important information for returning to school:


  • Children will wear school uniform.
  • Children can bring school bags to school but please only bring necessary items as stationery will be provided.
  • On days when your child has PE, they can wear their PE kit to school. This must include jogging bottoms and a school jumper even if they wear shorts and a T shirt underneath. An extra sweatshirt can be brought in for PE if desired.  This is to reduce congestion in changing rooms.
  • Please ensure any prescribed medication needed during school time is brought in by your child in a clean bag in its original box with the child’s name (e.g. inhaler, epi pen etc.)
  • Government guidance recommends that children do not wear face masks in  primary  schools as they can be a source of  transmission if children touch them, take off/put on repeatedly, drop, share, swap etc.
  • If your child wears a mask to school, this must be taken home by the parent/ carer.


Arrangements for arriving and leaving school have changed in line with Government guidance.

  • Your child will have different start and end of school times and you must be on time to meet them.
  • If you are late for your slot, then you and your children may have to wait until the other groups have entered.
  • Please avoid bringing cars down Tudor Road to minimise congestion and additional risk.
  • Parents and pupils can only enter the school via the Tudor Road entrance gate at their allocated time.
  • There will be no entry to school via Stanley Road or Lowden Road gates at any time.
  • If you are bringing /collecting more than one child to /from school, please use the Family Group times.
  • Parents coming on site to drop or collect children will follow a set one way system to their assigned exit gate. They must use the gate assigned for their child’s year group to leave the school (please see table below).
  • Parents/ carers should wear masks when on site to drop/collect children and remain 2 metres away from others.
  • Due to the necessary strict timings, please phone the school if you wish to speak to a staff member or leave a message.
  • In the first instance, children will not be allowed to go home for lunch as they must remain on site in order to minimise risk of transmission.  We will advise you if this changes.



Yr Groups

 Start  Time

 End of School

Entrance Gate  & Exit Gate both times


9 am

3.10 pm

Entry : Tudor Road          Exit  : Stanley Road



3.10 pm

Entry  : Tudor Road         Exit :  Lowden Road


8.50 am

3.20 pm

Entry  : Tudor Road         Exit :  Lowden Road


8.50 am

3.20 pm

Entry  : Tudor Road         Exit :  Stanley Road


8.40 am

3.30 pm

Entry  : Tudor Road         Exit :  Lowden Road


8.40 am

3.30 pm

Entry  : Tudor Road         Exit :  Stanley Road

Families with   children in different year groups

9.10 am

3.40 pm

Entry : Tudor Road          Exit :  Lowden Road OR Stanley Road


9.20 am


Entry Tudor Road            Exit :  Tudor Road


Am : 9.20 am

Pm : 12.30 pm

Am : 11.30 am

Pm : 2.50 pm

Entry Tudor Road            Exit :  Tudor Road