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Worried about how to support a young person who has had a sexual image or video of themselves shared online? If they’re under 18, they can use Childline and IWF’s Report Remove tool to see if it can be taken down.

• Want To Remove an Online Nude? It can be a scary situation, but if you're under 18, Childline and IWF Report Remove tool is here to help you take it down. Visit to find out more and how to make a confidential report to the IWF.

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• IWF Twitter: @IWFhotline
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• IWF Facebook: @InternetWatchFoundation
• IWF LinkedIn: Internet Watch Foundation
• Childline Twitter: #Childline
• Childline Instagram: @Childline_official
• Childline Facebook: @Childline
• Childline LinkedIn: #Childline
We kindly ask adult facing services to please tag NSPCC instead of Childline.
• NSPCC Facebook: @NSPCC
• NSPCC Instagram: @NSPCC_Official
• NSPCC Twitter: @NSPCC

You can use the approved copy below to signpost to Report Remove on any webpages or youth-facing resources you have:
‘Young people aged under 18 who are worried a sexual image or video of them may have been shared online can use Childline and IWF’s Report Remove tool at

Remove This helps children and young people to report an image or video shared online, to see if it is possible to get it removed. Once the report has been made, it keeps the young person informed at each stage and provides support and feedback where necessary.’

Report Remove tool: 
* The IWF assesses content in accordance with the Protection of Children Act (1978) and Sentencing Council Guidelines (2014).