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Tag Rugby Tournament

Tag Rugby Tournament

Thursday 10th November 2022

Spikes Bridge Park


Before the tournament, our teacher Mr.Coakley took me and the other children who were going to the tournament outside and did 6 weeks of training in addition to our PE lessons. We made up a secret tactic that we can use in the tournament. There were two teams: Tudor A and Tudor (I was in Tudor A). My team was Me(Abinesh), Krish, Umaiza, Moriom, Saif, Rhea, Varthshayan, Rafi and Loveleen. In our first match, we struggled a little bit but when the match continued we started to make brilliant progress. During our second match, we played our best and we used our secret tactic and scored many points as Mr.Coakley was there to support us!


We took a short break and then we started to realise that the pressure was on us. If we didn’t win this match, we couldn’t go to the quarter finals. Luckily, our team was playing their best against FeatherStone Juniors and we won by 2 points. Our team was all muddy as we were sliding on the muddy ground to take off the opponent’s tags. We were all celebrating as we won the match but we knew it was not over. The people who were managing the tournament announced the teams that were going through the Quarter Finals. We heard that ‘Tudor A’(us) came in second place so far so we were definitely going through the next round. We were celebrating with excitement. Unfortunately, Tudor B didn’t go through so it all depended on my team (Tudor A) in order to win.


 We were playing against St John's Peryn who were very good. Our team was doing good and we could hear Mr.Coakley supporting us. Until, we were all panicking which made us lose our confidence. With that, St John’s Peril won and defeated us unfortunately. But Mr. Coakley and my team were still proud of us even though we lost.


By Abinesh (Yr 6 Copper)