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The Netball Tournament October 2021

In today’s netball tournament, our team was nervous but extremely excited. We had to wear bibs that symbolise what place we are in the match. The school we had to go to play at was Villier’s High School.


There were a lot of schools joining the tournament. To me, I felt nerve-wracked but at the same time, I was feeling passionate about the tournament. We entered a hall which was filled with children. For about 30 minutes, we discovered our roles for our first game and the areas we would be going into. As we had 9 members, 4 would substitute. In the first game, I was a substitute. Surprisingly, the first game was a draw! I was over the moon when they drew. To me, a draw was like a win. We had 7 minutes to complete the match. For the second match, we played but we didn’t win. However, I believed that the most important part of going to the tournament was if we had fun and put in the effort. The last match wasn’t the best but how much sportsmanship was given made me glad. The scores for the netball tournament were: First Match - Draw, Second Match - Lost by 2, Third Match - Lost by 2.


I was incredibly impressed with our team when we went against St. Johns. St. Johns school won all the three games they had played. However, the scores were a huge difference. In their first match, they won 6 to 0, the second match, 4 to 0 and last but not least the game we played with them, they scored 2 to 0. This shows we were more of a challenge according to Miss Parker.


Unfortunately,  we did not get through to the semi finals. As a result, we came back earlier than usual. However, there are 12 more opportunities for us to express ourselves in sports.

By Nilima


Player of the Day: Nilima for excellent sportsmanship and always encouraging her teammates.