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Year 2 Trip to the Globe theatre

We visited the Globe theatre for our new History topic about William Shakespeare. The tour guide showed us around and told us that in ancient times this was the only entertainment they had. William Shakespeare was a famous writer who wrote plays. Even today people watch his plays but I found out this is a replica of the original theatre because the first one burnt down and the second one was shut down. I love History so I had so much fun because I learnt a lot that I didn't know. 



I loved my trip to the Globe theatre! We got a lot of information about how it was made and what it was made out of. It linked with our History but also science because we are learning about materials. The Globe theatre is made of Oak wood which is very strong. I was shocked that in ancient days there weren't any proper toilets in the theatre so people would just go anywhere! It only cost 1p for a ticket to watch a play but today it is £4! 



What a great trip it was! I loved how the Globe theatre was made and how it has a thatched roof which wasn't allowed until 1666 in London! I learnt that the original globe theatre was burnt down because of a cannon ball that was used to have dramatic entrance for someone playing a King. The next one was shut down because of the Civil war and now we have a duplicate to remember Shakespeare and his famous plays!



 We went to the Globe theatre because we're   learning about Shakespeare, the writer, in History. I liked how we went to the top floor and sat down facing towards the stage. I also liked it when our tour guide Vicky walked us around and told us some interesting facts about the theatre. I learnt that the globe theatre is a copy of the original one. In the old days, people had to cross the river to get to the globe theatre because in the past people were very religious but the south side of the river had all the entertainment.