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Year 5 and 6 World Cup Football Tournament

Year 5 and 6 World Cup Football Tournament

Monday 21st November 2022

Featherstone High School



As soon as we entered the pitch for our first match, we felt nervous because there were about 16 other teams trying to compete in the tournament. Firstly, it didn't start off great but then we got the hang of it. We needed to improve on our aggressiveness because the others were and we weren't which let us down. We got better and better throughout the tournament on passing the ball and being more aggressive but it didn't help us win. We had fun at least and it didn't matter if we won or not. We tried our best but we couldn't help it. Nearly all of the boys in our class loves football but we are not as skilful as pro footballers. The thing is that we had experienced what it was like to be in a tournament and it was amazing. We had played well because Mr D (our football coach for football club) had helped us get better in football.


By Subiksan