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Year 6 Police Talk

Mobile Phones

  • Use an inexpensive phone for School
  • Do not walk down the road with your phone in your hand
  • When not in use keep your phone out of sight ( Bag or pocket)
  • If you are robbed  just hand over the phone and stay safe yourself

Phones are replaceable

Be Alert – Be Safe

  • Do NOT look at your phone whilst walking – you might have an accident
  • Do NOT have you ear phones on so loudly that you cannot hear danger.
  • NEVER, EVER make , carry or share inappropriate or criminal images eg videos of fights, serious bullying, unsuitable images, pictures or videos of a sexual nature
  • These crimes have victims – by making/sharing these even 10 yr. olds can be arrested.
  • Sexting or inappropriate incidents of children under 18 is a crime.
  • If you find yourself in trouble , tell a staff member – there are ways they can  help you


Online & Social Media

  • DO NOT  allow  anyone to bully you
  • NEVER reply to a mean message
  • NEVER answer calls from withheld numbers
  • Where possible BLOCK the number/contact  on social media and phone
  • Keep the message as evidence and report it (eg Report Button), CEOP etc.
  • NEVER send on a mean or inappropriate message/picture/video
  • Do Not keep it to yourself or try to deal with it alone – it helps to talk.
  • ALWAYS tell an adult who can help


The end of the school day

  • When practical  go home straight away                               
  • Don’t hang around parks or other area’s
  •  Walk home with a friend ( Buddy up)
  • Try to avoid isolated , dark or unsafe routes
  • Consider buying a personal alarm
  • Any problems make your way back to school or inform an adult.



  • Walk home if you can. ( Buses are very busy after school)
  • On buses it’s safer to sit down stairs
  • Speak with the driver if there is a problem
  • Any incidents please report it to the Police that day  ;  Buses have CCTV
  • Try not to use your phone on the bus ( Keep it out of site)
  • Don’t play your music too loud that you cannot hear around you.