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As you know the children in KS2 are being encouraged to write book reviews on Reading Cloud. Every month the class with the most reviews written and the child with the best review will receive an award. Check back here at the end of every month to find out who has won.

Class with most reviews written in January 2020

Turquoise Class 

Most Book reviews  by Ryan D.



Book reviewer of the month 


Saqibul, Turquoise Class

Book review on Wolf Brother, by Michelle Paver


The book is about a boy named Torak and he is on a mission to go to the mountain of spirits to slay the bear the killed his father. Torak was hungry as he wandered through the forest he saw a wolf, and he decides to kill it but he saw visions that persuaded him not to kill the wolf, and the wolf is now Torak's ally. Torak is met by the Raven Clan and there is a prophecy saying everything that Torak did and they call Torak the listener, and Wolf is taken.


Torak escapes but a person from the Raven Clan finds Torak to help him find the mountain of spirits but acts fierce and pitiless at the same time. The person's name is Renn she uses a bow and has red hair, but as she came she brought Wolf, thinking he was helpful. She only helps Torak just so the bear is defeated.


What my favourite part is: My favourite part is when Torak finds Wolf because Torak's father died and he has no one, but now he has Wolf, so by having Wolf Torak's spirits aim higher.


My least favourite part: My least favourite part is when Wolf is taken hostage and when Torak escapes but Renn is there as well and there might be chances Renn might kill Torak.


I would rate this book 5/5 as the book is spectacular and details every single part of the story. I recommend this book to 7-13 years as the book has lots of things happening and about 100 words on each page.









Tudor’s Recommended Reading Lists

Stuck with ideas as to what books to read next?

Check out our list below for each year group for some amazing reads. Ask the school librarian, Mrs Lewis, if any of them are in the library or look it up on Reading Cloud.


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Reading VIPERS

Reading is not just being able to read the words on a page it is about understanding the text.  Children learn how to understand the text through different reading skills.

We teach these skills to the children using the VIPERS approach.

V – Vocabulary

I – Inference

P – Prediction

E – Explain

R – Retrieve

S – Sequence/Summarise

Please see the sheets below for more information about the VIPERS and examples of questions you can ask your child for each skill.



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Reading at home

Reading at home is a brilliant way to help your child progress both in their decoding and their understanding of what they read. Below are some guides and tips for how to get the best out of your reading sessions with your child.

Remember to sign their reading record every day and try to write a comment as well. Teachers love hearing how your child read at home.

Improving Tudor reading outcomes

Few quotes from the students regarding reading;

  • ''I like reading because I like to read characters emotions" 
  • "I love to read as I get very intrigued about what a character might do as their next move"
  • "When you read a non fiction book you can feel powerful and think about ways you can stop natural disasters like; pollution, floods and reading for pleasure"
  • "I love reading because you can visit many places while sitting in my bed.  Also it gives you knowledge and you can make the world a better place"
  • "I like reading because it gives me a wild imagination and it is extremely enjoyable!  
  • "I love reading because it is the best way to relax and forget about other things.  You can have so many adventures while just holding a book"

Extreme Reading Awards Ceremony


We are delighted to inform you that following a visit in December 2017 by external assessors, we have been awarded the Ealing Reading Quality Mark (ERQM) at Bronze Level. Pupils were presented with the plaque at a special ceremony on Tuesday 6th February 2018.  The award was presented to Tudor pupils by the Mayor of Ealing at The Alec Reed Academy.  

The reviewers were particularly impressed by the positive involvement of parents and pupils in our many workshops and activities across the school. This includes regular events such as Soft Start, Family Friday, Learning village etc. as well as Curriculum Meetings, Parent Language and Phonic workshops, Adult Education classes held on site etc.

Our pupils enjoy a variety of literary experiences including poetry performances, theatre visits, reading competitions, storytelling workshops, Reading Buddies, World Book day and more! The recent performance of Romeo and Juliet by the visiting theatre company and our current KS2 Reading Challenge competition all add to our pupils’ experiences. They were also very impressed with all the hard work that Mrs Lewis our school librarian does in our school library! Well done everyone!​


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We are delighted to tell you that Tudor Primary School has been awarded the Bronze Ealing Reading Quality Mark, in recognition of all our hard work over the past year! We have been given a lovely plaque to display in our Reception Area. The auditors who thoroughly reviewed our provision had some very positive comments for our school ..."

Ealing Reading Campaign Schools Pledge 2016-2017

Tudor Primary school has accepted to sign the 'Ealing Reading Pledge' and undertake the ten actions to put reading at the heart of the school strategy, community engagement and the classroom. click on the link below to find out the ten actions. 

TPS Reading Survey

Please find a list below of some of our favourite sites for you to read or listen to with your child.