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Refugee Week 2019

At Tudor primary School  we have been learning about Refugee week. This year’s theme has been:  

‘You, me and those who came before’,  have a look at some of the lovely activities the children have been involved with this week:  


Year 5 created a short movie of the journey some people may need to go through, you can view the movie by following the link below:




In the refugee week, we did different activities. First we read this interesting story called the Journey. After that, based on the story everyone had to make a moving picture related to refugee on google slides. Why did I use choose those backgrounds? It's because some refugees can walk on big, bumpy hills. To make the slides I first chose my background, which was the hill, then I found a refugee family and started to duplicate the slides also I had to move the picture a little further away. What do my slides represent? My slides represent of how the refugees are feeling.



In refuge week we learnt about a book called the journey it was a really sad story there father died running away from war then they snuck onto cars then they need to climb over a wall and then after they went to somewhere safe away from war. We made slides about the story called the journey.​


Year 6 were visited by the Red Cross charity to give the children a presentation about Stigmatising behaviour –  which helps young people to explore terms such as refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. The workshop  helped develop an understanding on why someone might have to flee their home and help young people to empathise with people arriving in a new place.


Purple class We have read the story ‘The colour of home’ by Mary Hoffman and created welcome cards for refugees. “When we listened to the story it made me feel sad because the boy's uncle died and the boy Hassan had to leave his country Somalia. We created welcome cards for refugee children and that made me happy as I know we can welcome children from other countries”.  (RAYZEL)  


“This lesson at first made me really upset because the boy became a refugee when he had to leave his home and country. This lesson taught me about refugees”. (KHADIJA)  “


In this lesson we read a book about a refugee boy called Hassan and he was moving to England. Next we wrote and drew a card if a refugee comes to school to give it to them. During this lesson I felt curious and sad because I wanted to know who a refugee is and I felt sad because a refugee has to move from his home”. (MUNIRA)  


“This lesson made me feel happy and sad. I felt sad because some people needed to leave their homes and I felt happy when we wrote a card for the refuge”. (YUNUS).  


Red class watched the short film the ‘Journey’, by Majid Aydin. They discussed the statement “You, Me and those Who Came Before” and related it to the fact that many cultures have come to Britain and brought their ideas and creativity with them Pupils where many of the things we use in daily life were invented and sketched them writing the name of the place they originated from below. They learned and began  to appreciate the contribution of people who are often seen as “others.”


   We read the story ‘Welcome’ by Barroux and discussed how the polar bears felt as they tried to find a new home.


Year 1 talked about how there are children and adults in the world (refugees) looking for homes and how we should welcome them into our country.  The children then acted out the story in groups.


 In Year 2 we discussed with the pupils what a refugee/asylum seeker is.  They expressed their ideas of what they would take with them if they were asked to leave their country and their family behind.   The children were then introduced to the book 'There's a boy just like me'. We read through the book and discussed the meaning. They picked pages in the book that they found most interesting, and acted it out in front of the class. In a freeze frame they were asked 'Why is it important that all children feel safe?'.   'Children should be able to play with their friends and family. In a safe place like school' - Maher  'I think it is important that children feel safe, so they can go to school and make friends' - Moriom  'Children shouldn't be in a country if there is war' - Madiha.  


Reception have been busy this week celebrating refugee week.Reception learnt all about the journeys that refugees go on to leave their homes. Reception considered what special things they would take from their home if they had to leave their homes in an emergency. Reception decided to create their own suitcases and they drew pictures of the things they would take in their suitcase.


Well done to Yr3 who performed well in sign language for the Refugee assembly.  All the children learned all the actions and were able to sing the song in sign language.