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Change 4 Life Club

Play Leaders

“Being a play leader helps to teach us how to work as a part of a team.  Also it has helped me improve my organisational skills.   In addition, it’s good to see the people taking part enjoying themselves and working as part of a team.”  Arisha, Year 6

“Change 4 Life helps myself and everyone else build up their confidence.  Additionally, it helps everyone get along with each other.  Being a play leader helps me to become more organised.”  Jessica, Year 6


“There are lots of games and its very fun.  Since I started taking part I feel more active and I’ve made some good friends from taking part.” Ayesha, Year 4

“I like going to Change 4 Life club because it helps make you strong and healthy.  It helps me to improve in several sports.” Mudasir, Year 3