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Story Hunters - Year 4. Parents please click on the link for further information for your children to have fun when reading.

Story Hunters pack 1 November 2016

Take a look at some of the impressive work the children did over the holidays. The children were able to read the books given to them and show great art work using icons, pictograms and infographics to visualise data and information in a whole new way.
The children have learnt about the difference  in animals, how scientists sort out living things- classification. How many animal species there are by reading 'The Animal Kingdom'. 


There is also great art work of 'Where's Wally'; the children have shown their concept of the literature by using icons, pictograms and using their own imagination through reading. 

Well done Year 4! 

Story Hunter's Pack 2 December 2016

The Anti Boredom Activity Book was given to the children to complete over the Christmas break, this was a great way of keeping our children entertained while encouraging them to keep reading and writing over the holidays. The activity book helped the children to form great ideas and create great pieces of writing and art work. 

Story Hunters Pack 3 and 4 January - February 2017 

Year 4 have been getting on really well with their story hunter packs, in pack 3 and 4 they were given two sets of books and children were asked to do a review on one of the books. Well done Year 4 for your great work and each child was given a prize for their achievement. 

Story Hunter Pack 5 March 2017

Year 4 are becoming great readers, in total story hunters have provided our children with a new set of book each month containing a wide range of genres. This month Year 4 read 'Ottoline and The Yellow Cat', seems like there were a few more than burglaries in 'The Big City', but who stole all the animals? As part of their fifth reading project children were asked to create a wonderful poster of the wanted feline, another  month of great responses! Well done Year 4 and let's not give up on the reading! 

Story Hunters Pack 6 April 2017 


Year 4 have exceeded our expectations and the children did great work over the Easter holidays completing their last pack of Story Hunters. This month the Year 4 children were given 'The Jolley Rogers and the Monsters Gold' to read. Each child was then asked to create a treasure map detailing Jolley-Rogers and Matilda's journey. Thank you to all our Year 4 children that took part in the Story Hunters this year. Each child went home with a new book every month and prizes awarded for the children that were able to complete the tasks, the children were awarded more reading books, notepads and stationary. We are very pleased to see that Year 4 are able to read different genres of books and getting involved to show why reading and understanding literature is so important in our growing lives. Well Done Year 4!