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Tennis Tournament.  29th March 2019 @ West Middlesex Tennis Club


On Thursday 4th April 2019, Stephanie, Jasmine, Ridwan, Declan, Saihaan and me, Manahil, went to the Tennis Tournament at West Middlesex Lawn Tennis Club. We had to go by two different buses.

There we played a numerous amount of schools such as: Little Ealing, Fielding, Selborne, Drayton Green and many more. In total there were five different courts we were going to play on. First, the schools were split into two groups, A and B. We started in group B. Group B was playing on the two courts furthest to the entrance.

Unfortunately, it started raining and we were forced to play in the rain. In group B, we played against Drayton Green, Selborne and Fielding. We won one match and lost three.

Then it was lunchtime. We had lunch in a room inside a building nearby. Then we switched groups and we became Group A. There we played against Little Ealing and some other schools. Unfortunately, I had to play against Little Ealing. But somehow I managed to win 10-3! And that was the last match of the day, it was time to hear the results. Selborne came first but we got THIRD!