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Tudor Primary School

Thursday 25th January 2018

Minutes from the School Council Thursday 25TH January 2018

Those present:

School Council Members, Mrs Cooling & Mrs Rana



Agenda - School Council discussed the following:

Extreme Reading Challenge

  • Thank you to all the children that entered into the Reading Challenge.
  • Up – date that Tudor Primary School has been selected to attend the award ceremony at Alec Reed Academy. This will be taking place on the 6th February. The two entries that were selected were from yellow class and purple class.
  • Tudor will also be collecting a Bronze award which we received for our reading audit.
  • Thank you to the council members for ensuring that last term reading was promoted in all classes, do ensure that we keep on reading as much as we can on a daily basis and do keep encouraging class members.

Pupil Voice

  • School council was explained that at Tudor, we pride ourselves on our students having a voice. We value their views on every aspect of school life where possible. We want to nurture a culture where all children feel listened to, valued, respected and empowered.
  • Thank you to all the children that helped us complete the pupil questionnaires during the last term, Mrs Cooling asked the children if they had any concerns or anything they wanted to raise awareness off.
  • The school council were happy with the way the school is being lead and agreed that they are always listened to by their teacher and other children.

How we stay Safe

  • School council was asked on how we all should stay safe in school, at home and anywhere else they go, the school council members were also asked on how to stay safe on line, anti-bullying and British Values.
  • The school council members were able to point out who our safeguarding officers are. They were well aware that if any problems occurred they have the safeguarding officers to speak to as well as their teachers and parents.
  • The children showed great examples of how to stay safe on-line they were aware of why on-line safety rules are in place and what they mean.
  • The children showed an impressive knowledge of British Values and how we implement this at Tudor. Each child knew the rules of British Values, and they all stated that everyone should be treated equally.
  • The children also had a wide knowledge of bullying and how Tudor does not tolerate any kind of bullying at the school. The school council members talked about the jobs of the play leaders and the e-cadets.

Next Meeting

  • The school council will be visiting the City Hall London on 21st Feb 2018. The children were asked to research on how we use democracy in our practical lives and Mrs Rana asked the member to prepare some questions for their trip.
  • The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th February at 9.30am