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Tudor Primary School

Thursday 7th December 2017

Minutes from the School Council Thursday 7th December 

Those present:

School Council Members, Mrs Cooling


• Outcomes of the Extreme Reading Challenge – thank you to all the children that took part in the Extreme Reading Challenge. We had lots of entries and Mrs Sirl will be picking three winners to send them off to Berrymeade Junior School and the winner will be announced on the 20th December. 

• School council discussed what the acronym ACE should stand for; 

• A for Aspire 

➢ We Aspire to make changes and become better

➢ Aspire to grow stronger together 

➢ Aspire to reach your goals 

➢ Aspire to be something better and different

• C for Challenge

➢ Challenge to succeed

➢ Challenge yourself to discover more

➢ We Challenge each other to grow

➢ We Challenge each other for our future.

➢ Challenge to learn more and stand out. 

• E for Exceed

➢ Exceed to make your expectations higher

➢ We Exceed to help each other as a community

➢ Exceed to be greater than you ever have.

Fundraising ideas for the Spring Term – As part of the PSHE topic Tudor will be fundraising to help our chosen charity. The school council members came up with many ideas on how we can help to fundraise and which charities to fundraise for; below are our ideas; 

• Charities chosen ;

• Acton Homelessness Concern (provide a caring and safe environment for the poor, the marginalised and those who suffer from isolation or are in any kind of physical or emotional need)

• Ealing Food bank.

• MAMA Youth Project (MAMA Youth Project (MYP) aims to equip young people from 18-25 years of age with the skills and experience to secure long-term, fulfilling employment in our local community)

• NSPCC Children’s charity 

• Southall Retirement home

• Red Cross. 

The school council members decided the following ideas to help raise money for one of the charities above; 

• Superhero day – children to dress up in their favourite superhero outfit and donate £1 beforehand.

• Race – mini sports days race where parents can take part each persons to pay a fee of £1.50 to enter.

• Lemonade stand, make our own lemonade at school. 

• Bake sale

• Art Project – each year group to create a different themed art work which could consist of paintings or drawing on A3 sized paper, (i.e. Year 1 will do nature, Year 2 to create art work on London Transport etc.). the art work will then be displayed in the hall as a gallery and parents are invited to buy the paintings to take home. There will be a trophy for the year group with the most entries and a bake sale included too. 


• School council were notified that tickets are now on sale for the winter concert so do remind their classes and parents to ensure they purchase a ticket. 


• School council members discussed the Christmas disco for each year group and tickets. 


• In the Spring Term focus will be on Reading and outcomes of our fundraising event to be finalised.