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Tudor Primary School

Thursday 9th November 2017

Minutes from the School Council Thursday 9th November

Those present:

School Council Members , Mrs Cooling and Mrs Diane


  • 1. Reminding pupils of the significance of reading
  • Reading for Pleasure, * Reading for Learning, * Reading for function
  • School Council members were reminded to encourage as many children in their classes to read this can be anything e.g. reading menus, recipe books, timetables, newspapers, instruction manuals, labelling on packets etc.
  • There was lots of events e.g. The Poetry competition, Story Hunters Packs for Y4s, The story telling webinars that Y5 & 6 watched online etc. this year there will be new reading challenges including reading competitions and school council aim is to get as many entries from each class and get their parents on board too.
  • Pupil Reading Champions are appointed or elected in each class to support the school in developing a positive reading culture, and the school council members can work together with the Reading champions to create new ideas on how to promote reading.
  • They feedback ideas to their classmates and their teachers
  • Their responsibilities include helping to look after the book areas, encourage others to read, share reviews, suggest books and encourage participation in reading events.
  • School council to also ask their class that they can also donate any comics or magazines they have at home to their book corners so that children are reading different genres.
  • School Council to encourage all children to enter Ealing’s Extreme Reading competition by capturing a photograph of yourself reading to win a £50 or £20 book voucher. The deadline is the 20th December and we would like to see which class has the most entries. If there is a class that has more children who enter into this competition then we can have our own competition to announce the winning class with the most entries and this class will get a book donated to their book corner.
  • 2. Lunch Time Activities club
  • Ms Butler will be running lunch time activities club on Monday and Wednesday, the school council was asked what kind or activities they would like to see;
  • Gymnastics
  • Drama
  • Daily mile in the hall
  • Yoga
  • Physical Theatre (act out a physical sport without using any equipment and storytelling through physical movement).
  • To use the frames and ropes in the new hall.
  • 3. Children In Need
  • Children in Need wrists bands will be on sale on Monday 13th November, school council to spread the word
  • We are also accepting old £1 coins to donate to Children In Need.
  • Children In Need will also fall in with Friendship week and showing and role modelling good behaviour. Stop bullying and school council member to ensure they are helping play leaders at break time and passing on the message about friendship week.
  • Friday all children to donate £1 and wear something spotty.

Agenda for next Meeting –

  • Outcome of Reading and how the school council has prompted this. Reading competition outcome – which member of the school council has entered and which class has the highest entries so far.
  • School council to feedback on their favourite’s books and what the school should buy more of.
  • Winter concert - to promote and ticket sales
  • Next Meeting Thursday 7th December 9.30am